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Two Questions...

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Sooooo I have two questions for you all..

1. Where my port is has been a little sore the past 2 days.... I dont recall doing much that would strain it..... Could this be a flipped port? I go to the fill doc next friday, but my mind has been going nuts.... any ideas?

2. This can also probably be answered by the fill doc (since i do fluro) however, stretched pouch... how do you know you have one? Ive read a little about that on here but its still a little confusing to me. I mean, i have eaten a little more than I should in the last week or two, however i do not drink while i eat and i have not pb'ed..I just actually get that really full feeling instead of just satisfied which is what we want to feel. Im 97% back on track..but what do you guys think?

I am a worrier hahahah (if you cant tell!) Let me know what you guys think, i truly value your opion!



congrats on everyone's success

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I think you may be worrying for nothing...it would take alot for your port to flip...it's sewn to your stomach muscle. Although it does happen, no sense worrying until you see the doctor.

Stretching your pouch takes alot of abuse...overeating sometimes will happen, but if haven't had any PBing episodes, I am sure you are just fine.

Concentrate on getting back on track and you will be just fine.

Good luck with your fill!! ><'

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