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Artificial Sweeteners

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I hear alot of good food ideas that are low calorie on here but many of them have artifical sweeteners in them which I avoid completely if possible because of their known poisoning effect as well as the deterioration they do of the brain cells( I need to keep the ones I have left) :o . I am having a hard time figuring out how to have a few treats without resorting to chemicals in my food. Anyone else in this boat?

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I would visit your local whole foods or if you're in a smaller town whatever local health food store and talk to the owner/salespeople and see what they suggest... I have seen things like sugar free organic cake mixes and fudge mixes that are sweetened with natural applesauce and other things to avoid the processed sugars, not sure what kind of calories these end up having but since we are eating so little it should be fine!

I know hungrygirl.com has a lot of recipies using natural surgars and such so maybe you can get some ideas there too!

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