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Swollen Tummy

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Hi guys,

Seeking your wonderful knowledgeable advice again :)

I had my surgery on the 21st, and I am still wearing comfy clothes (stretchy ones) -- I feel like my tummy is still swollen from the surgery? Is this normal?

Maybe it's because of all the extra salt im taking in? Gatorade/ broth / etc...

When did your tummy go back down to normal size?

Maybe it is normal size, I just have no desire to "suck" my tummy in as I may have done before??? **laugh

Thanks in advance,

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It took me about two weeks before I felt that my stomach was back to my normal size. You'll read a lot of bandsters saying how they felt they looked about 5-6 months pregnant the first week or so - i felt that way! I was banded on June 13th and I still have some very slight discomfort when I go to bed - I have to find the right way to lay down on my side and I'm still not 100% on my stomach - I use two huge pillows on either side of me to put my legs on when I go to bed - My husband doesn't like this, he says I'm building a barrier around myself - :lol2:

When I talk about this stuff I need to stress that it's very, very mild - no pain, just a little uncomfortable. :girl_sigh:

Bottom line, it's all soooooooooo worth it!!! :yahoo:

Good luck in your journey, I know you'll be just fine. :bye:

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My tummy was swollen for about 2-3 weeks, wore comfy pants and tops during this time. I did not sleep on my port side for about a month, it took that long before the port discomfort went away.

Everyone is diffent though, do what feels comfortable for you!

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thanks for the quick responses,

I have never been pregnant, but lately i "feel" like it.. .**laugh...

The way I've been lying in bed with pillows as you've described, or the way I hold my tummy when I'm preparing to bend over, the way I get up from the couch, or even the fact that I swear I could have rested my cup of tea on my tummy while watching tv last night - made me laugh so hard!

It's like the band is my "new baby" and I'm trying to protect it -- too weird!!!

(I don't talk to it yet... so don't call the loony bin quite yet) he he

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I got my band on 5/23/08 and I am still swollen. I asked my fill doc about when I had my first fill on 7/9 and she said that what happened is that fluid accumulated under and/or near the large insicion because they pull the skin/tissue etc...down/up from there in order to get the band in.

She said that eventually it will go away, but right now my abdomen still looks misshapened and has a lump. On a good note, it does seem to be going down as of late.

Here is the other thing, I have fibroids in my uterus and I absolutely look like I have a "baby bump". I am constantly swollen at about 16 weeks pregnant. The more weight I lose the more noticeable it becomes! My doc told me I could have a hysterectomy any time I like to get them out, but if I could tolerate all the other stuff that goes with it, then I didn't have to have the surgery. Has anyone had a hysterectomy or other major surgery AFTER you got your band?

Maybe I should have had them both done together. Seems a shame to have to be cut open again!

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My swelling went down after about 2 weeks. Hang in there!

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