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My new avatar explaination ;)

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Hey all,

I finally posted a new pic for my avatar and just wanted to clear something up. The pic is from my 46th birthday last month and yes, that is a delectable chocolate lover's cake from Costco. However, I did not eat much of it. Not because it wouldn't go down, but because it was so incredibly rich, I couldn't eat but a couple bites at a time. I did have a small slice on my b-day, but couldn't eat hardly any of it. At one point, like a week later, I tried to have another thin slice and believe it or not, it started getting stuck after the third small bite. My band was disciplining me and wouldn't let me indulge. ;) I have done that in the past because of stress and whatever reasons.

So, most of the cake was given away to co-workers and family members. LOL



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