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....what should i think?

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hello y'all

had first fill...and I feel something(can't eat bread)but not much. I haven't lost ANYThING!!!! but it's only been 3 weeks, am I wrong to think this should be working by now?

.....so my question is, when can i expect to see the scale moving, and is my fill tight enough?


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About how much are you eating per meal and how long is it keeping you full?

If you're making healthy choices and are not losing weight then it sounds like you might need another fill!

I just realized how much you have lost...wow...you are doing so amazing and I love the new profile pic...hot mama!!!

Have you realized that you could potentially lose 100 lbs in under a year!!! My inspiration!!!

Is your fill working for you? I have my first fill on Wednesday...I am kind of afraid that it will cause too much restriction...I like being able to gulp down my water....sipping sucks!

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