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Anyone had lapband over RNY - Pls. write in!!

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I am brand new to this site and am glad I found it. I had an RNY in 2000 and lost 130 lbs. I kept it off for quite a while, but eventually, the pouch and stoma stretched (and, to be honest, my eating was not as careful) and I have gained back 40 lbs. After much deliberation, I decided to get a lap band over my RNY so that I can, once again, have a feeling of restriction AND adjust it tighter as needed.

If anybody out there has had a lap band over your RNY, please can you write in and let me know how this worked for you. My surgery is scheduled for Aug 6th in Toronto. I am a mixture of excitement and fear that this will be another long recovery like the RNY (open).

I will be grateful for anything experience/advice/comments those of you who have gone through this can pass on.

Thank you,


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