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After Tuesday's fill, I was a big chicken. :wacko: I ate solid food.

I am certainly more restricted than I was on Monday. But I'm not holding at full for over an hour with half a cup of food. The little banana didn't stay (or stick). It went down.

Aunt flo came to visit me on the flight on the way home from the fill, so if some of you are anything to guess by, I'd say that's as tight as this fill will get.

Do we need to keep fill appointments 4 weeks apart or is it reasonable to move the next one up?

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Hi Phoenix, I am in exactly the same boat. I had my fill on Wednesday, currently have 4cc in a 9cc band and although I do get full after about 3/4 cup of food, it doesn't stick for long. I need a snack inbetween meals or I am starving by mealtime.

My surgeon is very flexible and said to call him if I don't feel restriction. I can come in anytime for another fill. I may give him a call next week and see what he says. The following week I am at the cottage and won't be available to go.

Are their fill doctors who put a time limit inbetween fills...4 weeks or so? What is the purpose to this?

I hope you are able to get what you need soon! Good Luck!

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