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stomach flu, food poisoning with lap band

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I'm going to be banded 9/11. Right now my biggest concern is what will I do when I have the stomach flu or food poisoning. I'm one of those people who throws up easily, probably a couple of times a year, admittedly most often from eating rich foods too late at night, which I will not be doing anymore. I've read on here that some people keep an anti-nausea med around for this but will an oral medication work or do I need a shot. I'm a nurse so that wouldn't be a problem. I know there's a lot of other nurses on this site so maybe you have asked the same question. Also, if its really bad and I need to get unfilled where can I do this since its not practical to fly to San Diego and travel to OCC. There are no fill centers in my area listed on the web site and from what I've read most doctors don't want to take on another lap band patients care. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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