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veterans out there?

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I'm new to the forum and have been reading quite a bit. The information from those people who have been banded within the past 6 months is quite good. I must admit that I'm not quite used to navigating my ways through these types of forums, but I do have a quick question.....are there any testimonials and/or comments from people who are 1-4 years out from their banding surgery? I'd like to hear from someone who's past all of the "can I have diet coke" or "has my band slipped" questions - how are you doing once your recovery is done and you are well established in this new lifestyle.

If there is a spot where all of this type of info is located, please lead me in that direction. I did speak to a lady in my own area who called me after I did some internet inquiries regarding another surgeon who does banding in Mexico. She was very helpful - is 6 years out and lost 150 lbs. within the first 18 months. She reports that she can eat basically what she wants, just in smaller amounts.

Thanks for the continued information I'm getting on the forum. Once I figure out how to navigate, I'm sure that I'll learn even more.


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