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MrsTN - Lauren you are AMAZING

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Hey Lauren I know you're new to the board but after looking at your amazing process and achievements I thought you might like to share with us some of your story!!

For those of you that haven't seen her before and after pics here you go:



My god woman I hope I look as good as you when I'm in my 50's (with that body too, lol)!! Can you share with us more about your lap band journey- when you were banded, your starting and goal weight, how long it took you to get to your goal and anything else that you think might be helpful to those of us still working our way through bandland!

Again congrats on your progress!

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Kimmie- she has posted a few times! She posted that she was at her goal weight and wanted info on low profile ports so I looked at her gallery and saw those before and afters!!

It did say she started at 250lbs and is now 135lbs- Hope she checks back in and tells us more about her great transformation!

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Wow! I must have missed her posts. I hope she comes back.

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