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Hi Everyone, :-h

Just banded on July 31, great experience and excited for the new door that has opened for me.

Just wondering if we can drink sugarfree ice coffee from McDonalds. Not sure how to send messages hope i am doing this right.


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Is it caffeine free too? Caffeine inhibits weight loss, so if you enjoy the ice coffee, enjoy it as a treat!!!

Even if it has caffeine in it at his early stage you can have anything that's liquid, coffee is considered a clear liquid so yes you may have it. Even after that because you are not to worry about losing weight during this healing time of the first 3 weeks. If coffee will make you happy try it, just take it slow because it can upset he stomach unless you are a daily drinker.

Worry about the caffeine later when you are healed and need to watch what goes in to help lose weight.

Certainly not to discount what Cathy said at all though, she is right.

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