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WARNING:: LONG & kind of gross :P

Hello All,

I was banded on May 26th and had my first fill July 12 in Roswell. I had 2.??? cc in my 4 cc band. (I was the one that had to go back the next day because I could not even swallow my spit).. By that next day everything seemed better and nothing was removed.....well for the last 3+ weeks and this is what has been happening. I cannot eat anything but liquids all day and then a little bit at night. I have slimed (mouth watering and needing to spit constantly and some sliming??? kind of like vomiting but not the same... all i have to do is burp or lean over the toilet and out comes everything so easily and then I feel better. I have done this pretty much everyday. I have lived off of sugar free popsicles. I have noticed that LATE at night I can eat. Example last night I had a small Wendy's Chili at 11:00! I did not feel too bad because I figure I needed those calories. On saturday night I went out to dinner with my 14 year old son, his best friend and his mom. I was starving and I went as slowly as I could but after a couple of bites I KNEW I was going to be in trouble. I had to excuse myself and go spit/puke etc... and then I was fine. Well the next day, I just had my popsicles and water and then went to dinner with two of my girlfriends and I was very scared to eat but I went very slowly and I was able to eat 1/2 of a wedge salad, 2 huge onion rings and half of a sugar cookie. I felt great and I could have eaten more but I didn't. I never get that feeling of fullness just a feeling of if I eat one more bite I will be sick so I stop. Is this normal?? I know others have talked about how the band is very moody and you just never know... I feel wonderful, I am running every other night, taking my vitamins and have lost 26 pounds some weeks no loss and then some I do.

I was just wondering if this is normal. I probably needed to have some taken out back when I first had my fill but then there were days I was fine.

Any insight is much appreciated!


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I could have written that myself! LOL I was the same way right after I was banded and some days I am still like that. If I just bend over, everything comes up. I have other days I can eat anything I want. My band is vey moody! If I did that everyday though, I would have some fluid taken out. Good luck!

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Yes, this is normal, some days I can only eat protein and veggies...my stomach can't manage anything else. I start eating a sandwich with bread, turkey and cheese and end up eating the inside and leaving the bread...after being such a huge bread and potatoes person, I find my want for it changing and to have to chew chew chew...sometimes it's not worth it.

I also find myself turning my nose up at things I used to crave and love...I guess the band and my brain are working together! Finally!!! Yeh!!

You are doing amazing...and running too! Wow!!

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As a matter of fact, I just had a PBing episode today. I had my second fill on July 29th and my restriciton varies from day to day. I had a grilled chicken wrap for lunch [it was about 11:30, but I was hungery.] Anyways... I was chewing slow and trying to pay mind to what I was doing but my daughter was talking to me and I must not have chewed well enough and well, you can probably imagine the rest. :bad:

I ate the exact same wrap the day after my fill and had no problem. Like Kimmy said, the Band can be very moody! <_<

It sounds as though you may need a little taken out. If you can tolerate hardly any food, that's not good.

Take care and best wishes, Darlene

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