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2nd fill appointment in Colorado

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Hi, it's been three weeks since my first fill. I got 1.2 cc and didn't have any restriction. I was told to come back in and I would get 1.3 additional fill. Well when the PA put the needle in, she said that I had restriction and then only put in .3 cc.

She said I would get good restriction from the .3 cc.

Now I am off solids for four days. I am hungry.

I lost two pounds in the past three weeks. I use the treadmill an hour everyday.

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HOw in the world would SHE be able to tell if you had restriction or not? My fill Dr always does the sit up and sip some water and tell me how it feels test b/4 deciding if I have restriction or not. I'm sorry it sucked.. I hate it when that happens! ugh!

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Let's answer these questions. No a different PA did the fill this time. She did not numb the site at all, which was great because it hurt less than the numbing needle. This PA thought that the first fill was not aggressive enough and she would put much more in for me. But decided on .3 cc and I don't know how she can tell, but the other PA said the same thing...I have restriction.

I asked about leaving the needle in, she said only when they are having a problem between too much and not enough on patients that really need it, she told me it's not the safest way to do it.

I have a size 10 band which holds 4 cc.

My next appointment is Sept 3rd.

I don't expect perfection dealing with the human body, and from what I read here, it has given the knowledge to hang in there because maybe, just maybe I will have restriction. I am really doing my best with correct for choices, and lots of exercise.

What else can I do? Barb

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