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I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 4 years ago or so when I got really fat. Since my fill I am having real trouble with my blood sugars. Almost every single afternoon, late evenings and early mornings I have really low sugars for me 60-70's. I didn't realize what it was for a weak or so but finally got clued in to check my sugars as I hadn't been because I never really needed to because I was in pretty good control. Anyway when this happens at work I can't always immediately act on it. Yes I need to carry the little sugar things in my pocket as now I have since I almost passed out in a patients room. I feel so guilty about eating the sugar or drinking sugary juice though. It's been so hard getting in enough food I then have episodes where I crave sugar so bad and then I binge on ice cream!! I know that's not good either. So I need to call my Dr. and perhaps start taking less of my medication!!!! I just don't think I need what I am taking because of the frequent low sugars. I also think I need to go back to eating how I used to when I was first diagnosed and that is to have 3 small meals a day and then 2 or 3 low cal snack to keep my blood sugars at an even level. I also should call and talk to Dr. Miranda for nutritional helps. The ups and downs I have been having with the sugars are literally making me feel awful most of the time physically and mentally with no energy. Exercise what's that? I am so physically exhausted all I can do is work and then go home and sleep again until it's time to get ready to work again. Days off include almost 1 full day recuperating and then a few household chores and it's back to work. That's no life.

Thanks for reading this rather long post. My point was to see if anyone else with Diabetes like this has had the same type of problems and what they have done to help. Thank for any input.

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Julie -

You really need to get in and see the Dr asap. This issue is not one to sluff off. I was having the lows too, went in and saw the dr, he took me off of all insulin. The way I am eating has it under control. Best of luck and take care of yourself you deserve it. See the dr okay


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