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Big girl Daisy

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Kim what a darling new pic of Daisy. How much does she weigh now? She is darling!! I just want to scoop her up so bad!!

If I could only sneak another little baby into my house without my husband noticing....HHHHHUUUMMM??? How can this happen???

He is right though the 2 we have are meant to be just 2 .....for now!!

Thanks for all your great and encouraging posts. You are such an asset to this forum not only for your success but also your loving spirit!!

And what about changing your screen name to...KIMISSLIM???? You are you know. =D> =D> =D>

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Julie, you are so sweet! ;)

Daisy weighs 3 lbs now. Haha She will probably be about 5 lbs full grown. I will tell you one thing, she is a mean little joker! Her attitude is way bigger than her body!

I promise when I hit goal I will change my name to that! LOL I still have around 40 lbs to go! I am hoping to lose it by Christmas. I have started walking 2 miles a day and I can tell I am gaining some muscle weight.

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