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So I've been on vacation....


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Okay, so not sure if anyone noticed but I haven't been on here much for the last week - I have been in the wonderful Daytona Beach, Fl. And it was just that - WONDERFUL!! If you have never been - you must go!! Here is a slide show of some of our pics. Just click on the pic below and it will take you to the slideshow!

Oh - it is my hubby's and mine 5th anniversary Saturday!! What a milestone these days!! It warranted a vaca!!!!


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Oh I just LOVE your slideshow. My husband is a nascar freak and would kill to go on a vacation to Daytona. You both are gorgeous and photo so well, especially together!! What a grand way to celebrate 5 years of bliss!!

Thanks for sharing. I am jealous though and now want to go too!!

And Blazn just so you know you look HOT!! All your hard work with this band really shows. You look FABULOUS!!

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