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Hi -- I was curious if anyone had some favorite recipe books featuring healthy recipes or any websites you guys usually use..

For myself, I'm a huge fan of the clean eating cookbook by tosca reno (oxygen mag) oh -- and Cooking Light. I have the book of all the recipes they usually have in their magazine. It comes out in a yearly edition.

for websites - I love using http://www.allrecipes.com - because you can type in the ingredients you want to use, and can find recipes from there. Of course, you can then make the healthy substitutions and cross your fingers it still tastes good :)

Also - I love watching the food network, so of course I love their website for recipes. http://www.foodnetwork.com

Lastly, I usually browse http://www.epicurious.com They have tons of "different" stuff :)

I get to move to solid foods in 2 days, so I figured I'd start looking up healthy recipes.

ps. How does brown rice work with the band? I'm hoping grains are easily broken up.

thanks for sharing your suggestions :)

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There is a cookbook called Recipes For Life that you can get through Amazon. The link is below. I love it! Also, I use a website (www.recipezaar.com) that has lots of high protein recipes. All you have to do is go to the website and search for high protein. It will give you something like 8000 options.

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Thanks guys!

Is the recipes for life .... written by the "Body for life" guy?

I'm going to check that one out now.

Anyone else wanna share?


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I am one of those ladies that doesn't use cook books. I just open the frig and the cabinets to see whats there. I make sure it's all good healthy foods. My Mom taught me to cook by smell and taste combinations. Everyone is impressed with this way of cooking, but I am impressed by those who use cookbooks and make awsome meals. I do read cook books to get ideas.

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I'm sort of like Pariegirl, I don't use alot of cookbooks. I do know that I need to start though because I don't have a huge variety in what I cook that is high protein and band friendly. I want to get some new ideas also. I do have alot of beautiful cookbooks from my mom so perhaps I need to start browsing through them. I'll also try the suggested ones I've seen on this thread so far. Thanks for this post.

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