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6 wks po op Gas, Hunger, Back Pain, loose bowl

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I had my surgery on July 2nd, I had lots of after surgery pain due to the Gas, and whatever afterwards. I was in my back and shoulders. I ws also not able to get much down for a while. I actually had to have fluid removed on my first post op visit, Since then, things have been well.. last week, I started to have loose bowls, and loose stool. My Back and shoulder pain is back like it was when I had gas from post op.. I also seem to have alot of grumbling going on in my belly..

I never had issues before eating early in the AM, but guess what, thats now seemed to change. I havent forced food down, been trying to eat small portions and in the correct order...

The only thing different is that I had my first few drinks this past weekend but I wsa already feeling like this prior,,,

Has anyone been in this same boat?

I feel hungry, in pain, naucious, and could make a b-line to the boys room at anytime it seems like...

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