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Flu Question....

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I meant to ask this last week but forgot, until I read the PB post.

So last week it appears as though I had a bit of the stomach flu. I was so sick but I couldn't seem to....(sorry for being graphic) throw up. It almost felt as though it was hitting my band and bouncing back down. I ended up dry heaving for over an hour -

Has anyone else had this issue? Is this normal? With 3 small kids I am afraid (I thought I was going to die) and am thinking about getting the flu shot this year.

Blessings to All,

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Sorry to hear about this, make sure you always have anti nausea medication on hand in case of you get sick.

I always have Promethazine close by, its a script my doctor wrote for me - I have one bottle at work, one at home and one in my car. You want to do everything possible to combat this. I talked to my doctor and let him now I received the lap band and he wrote the script for me. I've only used it once but I'm very glad I have it on hand because we can cause a slip by doing this. If you can't get it from your doctor, please go talk to a pharmacist for OTC anti nausea medication.



Here's a link to some OTC chewable:


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