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How Weird, How Strange, How Fantastic!!!!

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You know, in our past lives we all thought "starvation" - yeah, that's how we'll lose some weight!! :yess: :lb20:

Well, with this band I have discovered you have to eat! And you have to eat a good amount (1000 - 1200 Calories) - That's the WEIRD part. :scratch_one-s_head:

Last night was my first "real" food day after my first fill this past Saturday, we got some salads from CA Pizza Kitchen (yum, the Thai Crunch and the Chopped Chicken - awesome!) and split them up between the two of us and I was able to eat my entire salad without any problems. I had a little piece of bread also and that went down fine. I wasn't concerned, because I've heard other bandsters talk about being able to eat the same amounts after their first few days after getting a fill, but I still think it's strange because after all the band was tightened (and I got a good fill 2.2 cc). - That's the STRANGE part. :unknw:

This morning I got up - had my coffee, went to the bathroom (I won't get to graphic here) stripped down for my shower and stepped on the scale (of course we always have to be naked when we step on our scales!) and lo and behold I've lost another pound! - That's the FANTASTIC part. :clapping:

I love my band!!!!! :girl_in_love:

I am happy and smiling and it's going to be a beautiful day and I hope you all have a good one too!!!! :party:

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I got a pretty good size fill this past Saturday (up to 2.6 cc's now) and I still feel like I'm eating more than I should be. I'm hoping my restriction kicks in soon! I did notice I was down 3 lbs from what the fill nurse said my weight was on Saturday, so I'm hoping that's accurate!

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I got my second fill a week ago and it brought me up to 1.5 CC. I don't have tons of restriction, never PB, but I am not as hungry, I eat less and go longer feeling full. This is what I have always wanted.

Diets left me hungry and guilty for cheating, and pills made me a total BITCH. I always gained back more than I took off. And then the health problems starting kicking in with menapause.

I am so much happier now. I know I can push the band with a bigger fill, but really do I want to risk the side effects of being too tight. I am living life a day at a time now, and loving it, and you guys too.


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