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1st fill

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Hey all,

Went yesterday for my first fill, what a day it started at 5 in the morning and ended at midnight. But I would do it again in a minute. Had a great time with Dr. So he explaind everything in detail. There was 2 of us for fill there, sorry but I cant remember the name of the other lady right now. We both decided to go in together so we could get pictures taken. And glad to say that it didnt hurt a bit and I'm a bit scared of neddles. What an expirience. I got 1cc he said that He could tell I didnt cheat and I follow the rules. And it was a little fill because I started burping and it was backing up fast so he tried with more and nothing would go down. He took it out and it started to flow again. So its off to 3 days of liquids again. Oh and I did my good deed for the day yesterday also, On the flight to San Diego a 13 year old girl sat next to me, going to visit her father in TJ. well when we landed no one was there for her. Of course the mom in me panic and we started by pageing them, then calling them on the cell, then going to security, by that time the van driver was there and ready to go so I had to leave her. So I gave her my cell number 10 dollars and told her the minute they picked her up she call me. Took her back to security and had to leave with such sadness asw to how can a mom send her kid on a trip with no money in case of an emergency :angry: . Well she called back in 10 minutes and said her father was stuck in traffic and she was fine :D . She also wanted my address to send me the money back and I told her to get herself something for herself. Sorry it was so long but had to get it all out.

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I'm so happy everything worked out well for you!

Oh -- and there should be more people in the world like you! :) (( HUG )) You're wonderful!

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Guest CaraMBA09

I am so glad to hear about your fill. I have been debating if I should do my first fill back at OCC or do it local

I am leaning towards flying back down

TG that you were there with the girl. i dont know what is wrong with some parents! Shame on the mother and shame on the father for being "late" to pick her up.

you have some good karma now girlie!

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