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extreme stress and pbing

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Hello everybody!

I very recently been under a lot stress lately, and am finding that I have been pbing today! This is the 3rd time and with water!

Anybody had that?

I got my band done in Feb. of this year.


Stress in known to play havoc on your band. I can almost feel mine tightening when I get stressed. Since you've been banded since february you should know how to manage it. Maybe go on liquids for a day or 2 to help calm it down. You can drink warm fluids to help "relax" it also. Hope this helps.

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(Your new picture is so cute)!!

Here's the tips I use from Dr. Weil to calm my stress levels. Stress really affects my band and I've had to really focus on techniques to calm it. I also make sure to take time out for me, massages, facials and I focus on my breathing... Not bad and its worth the money that I spend - I hardly ever have to deal with stress now, I'm much better at managing it. (That could be one of the reasons I look younger as well).


Take time for you!

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I am in the middle of moving, lol sneaking away for a fourm break right now so I have been super stressed and I haven't been able to eat much of anything over these past few days which is hard because my inlaws are here helping and they don't know I am banded so it makes it hard to cover up... I've just been ordering soup and such to keep my calories and carbs up so I can have some energy to get through this move!!

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I have found that I can 't eat at all when I am stressed. Sometimes I have to wait until everyone in the house is in bed to eat.....hard to explain. I can't eat at the table as the kids get me so stressed out that I have to PB. This is just the way things are for me and my Band, something I have to live with as there is no way to totally eliminate stress in my life, but there are things I can do to "avoid" it. It is like a door shuts when the stress level goes up and nothing can go through! Thank Goodness that school will be starting again in a few weeks and I will have time during the day to de-stress! You are not alone in this, a lot of us have this problem.

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