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Just started solid food and acid reflux is back! Will it go away again?

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During my second week post op on the liquid phase, I had horrible acid reflux.

But i took prevacid and mylanta and after a week it went away.

Then graduated to solid foods and EEK ITS BACK!

Did anyone else have this problem?

My stomach constantly gurgles and

have gas.

Is it the newness of solids after the liquids?

I can belive I'm saying this but I miss the liquid phase (well the third week anyway) and no acid reflux.

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I didn't, only had it once during a stress time when my band tightened. But quick question - does it come at night? If so make sure you try not to eat a couple of hours before bedtime and let your pouch empty out. If its all the time that’s a problem and I would call the clinic.

Take care and sorry about this!

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