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So, I'm curious!! LOL Were your in-laws totally WOWWED, when they saw the new you?? Did they know before they got there, that you were losing weight? I bet the looks on their faces were PRICELESS.

I can't wait for my WOW moment. My inlaws have seen me off and on throughout the past year, so no real shock. I won't see them again until late October, so I'm HOPING that when I see them then, it will be a WOW moment!!

I bet you feel SOOOOO good about yourself! You should!! ;)


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OMG thats so funny that you asked that! I was sitting at my desk this morning wondering the same thing!

Take a break from moving Michelle and let us know :P

I just LOVE success stories, and the WOW moments!! I used to LOVE that show "I Lost It" on DHC. Especially at the end when they see someone, who had no idea they were losing weight, and they shock their socks off! Of course, I've just about memorized all of them! LOL


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