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Evenings without much restriction

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Ute, I know you have mentioned this and this is definitely my problem. Is there anyone who has some tips that they have used for this situation? At this point I am using my band during the day and will power at night but it does get tough.

I have the same problem. In the morning I'm sooo tight, it probably takes be 30 min. to get a protein shake down, at lunch - it depends on the "mood" of my band - I have to do a shake again or go very very easy on solid protein/food.

But oh boy let me get out of the office ... all I can think of is how hungry I am and what I could eat ....

So I really have to depend on my willpower and food choices to keep me in check ;) If I stick with chicken, fish or else I'm fine after a few bites, but if I go for more mushy food .. I could eat probably endless...

Some days I do better than others :lb12:

I thought about getting a little adjustment fill, but I do not wanna risk getting too tight and have bigger problems that come with it #-o

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The hot tea and cold drink really work. Since I have gotten my 3rd fill I really feel the restriction in the morning and less at night. Lisa was right about the protein at night it fill you up so fast and stays with you.

Good luck!!!


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I too have this similar problem. Since I only have had 1 fill my morning tightness is getting less and less though. I am also able to eat a little more every few days and have to be careful to stop myself. The evenings are sooo hard for me. I just can't seem to stay full. I better try some harder protein as suggested. There is a fine line between eating stuff that fills me up and isn't too hard and gets stuck. thanks for the tips all.

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I would try drinking something really ice cold in the evenings just 5 minutes before you eat. This will harden the saline in your band to create more restriction. You can also do the same in the mornings and afternoons with warm water if you feel you can't get enough food down. The warm water will loosen the saline which will help get food down.

If you feel that you need a snack late at night, maybe try a protein water first? I do this, and find that I will get full off the water and not want anything else to drink or eat.




This is GREAT advice! I'm still waiting for my 2nd fill so I haven't personally experience too much restriction yet. But, I will definitely keep this in mind once I get my next fill. Thanks for the tip!


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Min e is the same way. This morning I couldn't get anything down and then it slowly loosens up during the day. Oh boy....

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