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Massage after surgery

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Hi all,

I am 15 days post-op. I feel like a brand new person today. I had a rough few days of post op dieting and medication issues. The OCC was helpful and responsive. They made me feel SO much better and relieved my fear that something went wrong.

I had several things going on and did not relate them all. For instance, I had gas for 2 - 3 days after surgery, no big deal. But I've had bad diarrhea since the surgery. I thought this was just because of all the liquids.

Then a few days ago, my medications were making my stomach hurt. Actually, my whole body was aching, but really at my bra line. Taking meds made this a thousands time worse.

So I decided to get massage last night just for some TLC. Well, it was quite embarrassing, but awesome. I had so much gas and did not realize this before going in there. I could not hold it back. I get massages quite often and have NEVER had that happen. She was ok with it and actually worked on some areas that are suppose to help relieve gas pressure. When I left, I felt so much better.

Today, I have no pain and no diarrhea. I have thousands more energy. I lost 2 more pounds. Swelling is almost gone.

My incisions feel better. I think all my discomfort was an explosion brewing inside me.

The massage therapist said that anesthesia causes the body and body functions to stiffen because you are in such a relaxed state during surgery.

Anyway, I am sharing this cause I hope that it could help someone.

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Guest CaraMBA09
Massage is great for so many things one would never even think of. It does really work the toxins out, literally through elimination of all kinds! :stinker:

Thank you so much for the insight! I see a massage therapist 1-2x per week for a long ago car accident and she was asking if I was able to keep up with my regimen. I am so glad to hear I can! more power to you for not being too embarassed about the gas...

Has anyone heard about the Finnish Sauna's that are popping up everywhere? they are supposed to be great for detoxing (GAS) and you can lose 600 calories per 30 minutes (equivalent of running 6 miles)

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OMG, this is a hysterical post on the fact that not only am I seeing Dr Hottie with my big booty in disposable thong panties, I also have a hot massage therapist, oh the horror! :o:D

Seriously though, thanks for the insight on the massage therapy afterwards.

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