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Fills...how long inbetween your first & second fill?

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Maybe I am jumping the gun. I got my first fill....without fluro...here locally. It was a great experience!!! I could feel her get the port right off, and even felt the saline inflating. I have 1cc in my 4cc band. I had my first fill August 16th. I am eating less (I do have some restriction), but I am not eating 1/3 of what I used to eat pre-band. My weight hasn't declined, I am still at a grand total of 20 lbs. lost from my pre-op/post-op diet. I know I have only given it a few days, but it lead me to the question...HOW LONG INBETWEEN YOUR FIRST AND SECOND FILL? I was just trying to figure out how long before I should schedule my second fill. I would love to hear from you all! Sorry, I haven't been on much lately, my stupid internet provider--clearwire--went to pot and I am NOT renewing. I'll have our internet up the middle part of the week. So for now, I'll check on the forum at work...shhhhhhh. :D:D:D


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Hey Dianna, I am glad to hear things are going good for you! 20 lbs is great!

My doctor has me wait exactly 6 weeks in between fills, but I do know that every doctor is different.. For some its 4 weeks for some its longer. Just give your doctor a call and see what his time frame is..

Good luck honey!

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Hi Dianna,

My doctor said to schedule it for 1 month out, while I was in the office having my 1st fill. I did that, but I ended up canceling and postponing my 2nd fill until Sept. 10, which is about 7 weeks after the 1st fill.

I just remember reading something by Dr. O that said to go as long as you can until the first fill and in between, so I stretched it. I haven't lost any more lbs in the last 2 weeks, but it feels like the inches are catching up to the weight lost from the fill, which was about 15 lbs. since the first fill.

Hope that helps.

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