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Just got home from Fill #2 @ the OCC

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Well I just got back home from my second fill at the OCC and boy what a trip we had! :wacko: My mom and then a friend that was also getting her second fill went with me. First we were waiting to board our plane in Tulsa and my mom noticed that everone's luggage was being taking off the plane. (American Airlines) We were informed that the plane did not have a spare O2 bottle and that they could not get one so that we would have to get different flights out. So we were change and rerouted and would be to late for our appt for our fills. :angry: But we called Claudia and she was wonderful and told us that was okay they would work us in when we got there. :good3: So we got our fills, I was at a 1.4 from my first fill and when he checked it there was 1.2 left in my band. So he gave me a total of 2.6 and my firend was given 2.6 also. We were told go and eat and make sure that you can. So we went back to the hotel and went to the little brown taco hut behind the Lucerna and got a taco. ONE BITE! That was it no more, we both were just about to die! :unsure: We spit and hurt for a good 15 mins. Finally we were better but was worried so we changed our flight to go back on Sunday, and then off to shop! Later that night we ate and we did good and did not eat much although it took me almost 2 hours to eat. So then on Saturday morning we tried to eat and I had really running oatmeal at the hotel and my friend at eggs. I had 4 bites and I could not eat anymore and I was hurting bad. My chest felt like someone was sitting on it and I could not stop spitting, finally after about 15 mins up came the oatmeal, :bad: and I felt better for about 5 mins and then the pain again in my chest and I could not drink much water. So it was back to the clinic where after a long wait we got to see Dr. So ><' He first looked at my friends and check to make sure that it everything could pass thru her band good and then he check me. Well I took my first sip of the barium and we watched it move very slow thru my band, and then he had me take another sip and that part never did go thru the band, so Dr. So told me that he was going to have to remove some out of the band. So he took everything out and when he did the pain in my chest went away and he put back in 2.3, he told me that it would just keep getting tighter and with me flying it would have just gotten worse! :lb12: So I am glad that I stayed the extra night. It seems to be doing good right now I can eat about a 1/3 of what I eating. Dr. So was wonderful he explained why he had to take some out and that it was only best for me and my band.

We had a wonderful time as always meeting new friends and getting to hear about everyone and where they are on this band journey. Everyone was great at the clinic and at the hotel. On the day we had went shopping and was a little late getting back and only 20 min, and everyone was waiting on us and we ended up going to a different boarder crossing but all was well and we all got back to the airport and off to our homes.

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I am glad you stayed the extra night too! I never imagined before being banded and then my first fill how being too tight can be a very serious thing, and how unpredictable it is also. The flight thing would have upset me, I hate the airlines these days, also so unpredictable!!

I just booked my second fill for the end of September. I'd like to get it sooner but we will be on vacation and I don't want a fresh fill for vacation with the family reunion we are going to. I will be careful and really evaluate how I feel before I leave TJ also.

Hope now that your home you can adjust to this new restricted feeling. Take it easy,slow and remember to chew, chew, and chew again!!

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I did not get into bed until about 5 am this morning when we got home and I laid down and rested until around 1:00 this afternoon and got up and tried to drink a slim fast and got two little sips down and felt that stuck feeling so I stopped and made some hot tea and drank it, after that i was able to drink the slim fast. Still have not been able to eat more than 3 bites of supper today. I was able to eat last night at the airport so I know that I can eat. It is just strange how one day you can eat and one you can not.

But I do recommmend to everyone if you are going to travel and get your fill at OCC (which is where I will go everytime) that you allow yourself an extra day to adjust and make sure that you are not to tight.

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