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Went back to work this week........

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Monday was my first day back to work, I've been laid off since March 10th. [i was banded March 25th] In the 2 years I worked there I've gained over 50lbs. We are allowed to eat whatever we want while we're on the work floor [we can't take any to the break room or home.] I took advantage of the privilage, let me tell ya!!

My first day back we ran Carmeltaways [which is hand made, poured and cut carmel.] I have to put rows and rows of this on the line to be covered first in peanut butter then in a layer of chocolate. This is my favorite, I would shove this plain carmel in my face till I was about sick!

I turned it down!! I did not eat ONE piece!! I surprised myself, last season I would have never went without eating it!

We have since ran salty pretzel rods and twists, potato chips, turtles, gummie bears and assorted creams. I haven't eaten any of it.... really don't have any desire to!!

This was a big concern for me, I thought for sure I'd buckle when I went back to work. No matter the temptation, WE CAN DO THIS!! :D

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I am a sweet junkie so I would probably have to retire from there! Haha

If you can have that kind of willpower then you are my new hero! Go girl!! High 5!

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I'd probably dive in the chocolate if I where you. I have enough willpower to leave the sweets alone if it crosses my mind every now and then (well, most of the time :lb12: ) , but working at the factory ???? NO WAYYYYYY

Hat's up - you did grrreat !!!! =D> =D> =D>

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Thanks for the praise everyone, you don't know how much it's appreciated!! :yes:

Today we ran roasted almonds all day, so that wasn't too bad. I did eat about a dozen of those [without chocolate] but last season I would have ate fist full after fist full.

My boss said that tomorrow's cashews [i LOVE them!] but I know I won't crack!! :D

We'll be running another one of my absolute favorites next week.... our chef makes carmal popcorn from scratch and we run it through a drizzle of chocolate, OMG!! I'll need to duct tape my mouth shut that day!! ;)

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