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pilates and yoga

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Hi all,

I am at 22 days post-op today. I am so happy that I can now pick up my son, go swimming, & exercise. I rocked him to sleep last night the first time in 21 days. I missed it more than he did.

Anyway... back to the topic.

The occ says no exercise except walking for first 21 days post-op. And no abdominal work for 3 or 6 months?

Is pilates considered abdominal work? I know it focuses on the core with roll-ups and such. I get great results with pilates. And it really helps with some of my muscle aches & pains.

What about yoga?

I was going to email Dr. Miranda, but was scared of her response. I will go ahead and ask her though.

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Yes I'd stay away from the pilates for 3 months. Yoga also has alot of "core"stuff, but I don't know for sure about it. I have always wanted to start doing these. My WII FIT has yoga and I've tried that but I am too out of shape to even do the basic stuff. I pulled a muscle the first time I tried it and it hurt for days. I need to modify it so I don't do that again for sure.

Now I bet you are on cloud 9 today. Food and rocking the little one to sleep...how much better does it get?

Have a great day and be careful of the food, go slow and chew well. You'll be surprised at how quickly you get full. Don't push it as I'm sure you won't.

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