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What a difference a fill makes!

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Hi all,

I've been struggling a lot since I started on solids. I think part of the problem was just a rebound following the pre-op and post-op diets where I felt like I'd been deprived and needed to make up for it. And since I didn't have restriction to hold me back I just couldn't seem to get back on track. I didn't gain at all, but only lost a couple pounds between liquids and first fill.

I got my first fill a week ago - 1.8 CC in a 4 CC band - and what a difference! What a relief, I finally feel banded. I don't feel as hungry most of the time and get full quicker - and feel satisfied with less. I feel like the weight will start coming off now. Phew! (I'm premenstrual right now so I know I'm retaining water). Even though so many people here seem to have the same experience I couldn't help but focus on all those who were successfully losing right from surgery and think that this wouldn't work for me.

Also - I bought a book that someone on this forum suggested: "You can be thin" by Marisa Peer (I bought it on amazon.com.uk). I've only just started reading but I think it's already had an impact on my thinking. She's a hypnotherapist and she just provides some great advice on how to rethink your attitudes toward food, weight, dieting. It's very empowering.

Just wanted to share my story thus far for the sake of others who may be struggling before their first (or first good) fill. There is hope!



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