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Maybe TMI but need to post


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Off and on since banding I am awakened with bad pain at night at the site of my band area. It's so bad it wakes me up and then I am up for an hour or two. I finally figured it our since it happened the last 2 out of 3 night that it is gas. Bad gas!!! :stinker:

I take a few gas-x and walk around and sit on the pot and then do it all over again allowing time of course to sit at the computer and catch up on all the new posts, and finally after a while I go back to bed. I finally figured out a few things and wanted to share to help aleve somone else from this terrible ritual of mine.

This has been posted before but just to reinforce not to eat like 2 hours before going to bed. Also anything with "spicy" stuff, peppers, onions you name it don't eat it maybe even 4 hours before bed. this comes from my making a beautiful batch of fresh tomato gazpacho last night. I used almost everything in our garden and then added a few things from the store like avocado and celery. I swear I only had less then 1/4 and stopped myself then thank goodness. I could have eaten a tone more but since I hadn't eaten so many vegetables together even though they were almost pureed I wanted to be careful. Good thing because at 3 AM I was miserable!!!

So I suggest to anyone to be very careful when not having eaten anything before after being banded. We just don't tolerate foods the way we used too, especially ones that potentially are gaseous. Yes I should have know this.

I still am not the best today and I have to go to work. More gas-x for me!!

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