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Weight loss stalled any help?

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Got surgery in january with Dr. Ortiz and Martinez (they both were there that day). Weight at surgery was 203. Lost about 15 pounds before that on the pre-op diet.

From my second fill in the middle of february through mid may I lost around 30 pounds. It's now mid august and I haven't lost a pound since :( Stuck at 173-176.

I have a 4 ml band, and it's at 3.8ml so another fill is out of the question. I work full time, and go to school full time while helping my husband raise a family of 5 so any more structured exercising is kind of out of the question for at least another 2 years or so. I'm eating around the 1200 recommended calories per day.

I'm only 5'3" and would honestly like to lose another 30 pounds or so...


Any help? Is it just a plateau I have to overcome in the weight loss? Is it common to stall for a bit? Anything else I can do? :(

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It is very common to stall - look below and you'll find a search area. Type in the word plateau and you'll find so many discussions it will make your mind spin! We all do it, but there is some great information out there already - just search and get ready to read allot!



Just to make it easier here's a link:


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Have you tried mixing up the type of food you eat and how many calories a day you get? I"ve done that before and it really does kick start it. For instance, if you are getting 1200 calories a day, then that is 8400 a week. So take that 8400 and mix them up. Maybe eat only 1000 one day but then do 1400 another. It throws your body off whack and that way it isn't in a routine.

HOpe that helps!

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