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How did you determine it was time for another fill?

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I'm wondering if I need another fill. I had my first fill 1.5cc in the 4cc band on August 9th. It is now August 23th and I have lost 0 lbs since my fill; and no I'm not drinking my calories.

I'm thinking I need one because:

I can still eat the same amount I ate before my fill

I feel hungry often

I'm wondering how you guys made the decision to get a fill and if there is anything else I should look for to make the decision.


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Hi Erin,

I have had one fill and restriction comes and goes, my surgeon told me to judge it this way...if you are using more willpower than band to control the portions you are eating, to get another fill.

I have another scheduled for this coming Wednesday. If you feel you need it now, book it now!

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How much fill should I get?

It is important to understand that the tissue in you gut is like the tissue in your mouth, it is very sensitive and swells very easily. Everyone is different; a good fill for one person is too tight for another person, or not enough for the next person.

The initial adjustment post operatively should occur at 6 weeks or later, and 1-2cc of Normal Saline (for the 9.75 or 10 cc band). The larger band (11CM and VG) adjustment os 3-4cc.

Regular reviews (4-6 weeks) are recommended with weight and clinical status measured. If weight loss is 1 pound per week over the period and patient is following bandster diet guidelines then another fill of normal saline is added at .2 to .5 increments.

If the weight loss average between visits is 2 plus pounds per week no fill is needed.

If the weight loss averaged between 1-2 pounds and the person feels hungry and found it difficult to comply with the dietary guideline/portions.

Fluid is removed from the system if there is symptoms of excessive restriction or obstruction, including excessive sense of fullness, heartburn, regurgitation and vomiting.

Fluoroscopy is needed for evaluation of band placement and/or port placement.

It is important know that the fluid in the band never adds up, it is always give or take 1 cc because fluid hides in the tubing or in the band.

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