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As I'm entering into my third week post-bandig a signicant number of realizations are perculating to the surface. My past eating habits must be put behind me. I need to manage my relationship to food. Although I'm not experiencing physical hunger. given the appropriate stimulous, I'm still lusting for food. In the past this would cause me to binge. The warnings given to me about the dire consequences helps get through this.

What I'm looking for is practical advice on how others have coped with the addiction to food.

Martin :huh:

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The main thing you have to remember is...it is an addiction. Just like smoking, etc. So you WILL have urges and cravings etc. The best thing I have found is to keep myself busy busy busy. You might also go online and simply research food addictions so that you will understand them better. :wacko: I have been amazed since I am now post-op (only 7 days) at the AMOUNT of food I ate and the speed at which I ate. I honestly don't know how I ever tasted anything because I ate so fast. This is a very different lifestyle for me but one that I am ready to embrace and I actually wake up HAPPY.

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It has only been 12 weeks post op for me, but I know what you mean. I was a bindge eater and a sneek eater, I used food for all the wrong reasons that one should eat.

The band is a tool that is helping me change.

This forum is a god sent gift full of the most lovely ladies that will help lift you up when you start to go down the wrong path.

read, read , read, love yourself and keep up the good work.

Food is tasting better than ever!


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Food is an addiction and it's hard to break bad habits, like Barb I am a sneeker...and have caught myself still doing it.

I chose to make a lifestyle change and it will take time to get over some of the humps...but I am doing it for the most part. I treat myself once in awhile, life is a long journey to avoid the things you love. But then I get right back on track.

We are not perfect and there will be times when we fail, but the key is to pick yourself back up and get back on track to your goal.

Best of Luck!

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Now that I've got really good restriction I find I can really focus on changing my habits.

This darn band for me is like antabuse for an alcoholic. I CAN'T give in to those feelings for the first time in my life. If I do I'm rewarded with pain and/or vomit.

Before I was banded I was afraid of what would happen when I couldn't give in to the pressure and overeat/binge. I'm not afraid now because I feel so physically uncomfortable if I eat more than my pouch can hold it is a real deterrent. My mind isn't really going there anymore.

It's actually an empowering feeling. My downfall of any diet I was on was always the "just this once" binge. It was all over after that. Now there is no "just this once" binge. I'll never be a slave to food again. This time I mean it!

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