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good breakfast to try

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alot of you guys know have been struggling with being regular.(bowel movements) Well I decided to take the Activa Jamie Lee Curtis challange. The only problem is I hate yougurt. But my brother gave me this recipe and I love it. I also found that it works well for me in the morning even though I have alot of resrticion. Here it goes. vanilla Activa- a little honey-mix together and pour over diced peaches. It is so yummy. It comes out to about 230 calories. I drain my peaches so I am sure I could deduct a few more calories. Next time I will buy the no sugar added diced peaches. Do not add to much honey because it is loaded with caloreies . A little goes a long way. I like this so much for several reasons. If you eat local honey it is supose to help with your allergies (which I have) Activia is supose to help me become regular and improve my digestive health, and I get 5 grams of protien. If I doubled the yougurt I would get 10 grams of protien. I am thinking of doing that. I done this for 3 days and I did go to the potty today!!! My brother also said to add granloa...I could not find any. Since I do not have the package of granola I do not know how it would effect the numbers or the health benifits. All I can say is YUMMIE!!!

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