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Oh, So THAT's a PB

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I had one episode and not since. It's almost funny to have it happen the first time, I thought I was imune LOL

Be careful Honey, bread is hard for many...I don't eat it at all, not because I slimed on it, I didn't, it was chicken, BUT because I have heard of so many that do!

Have a great day, you'll be fine.


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I was the same way, i thought that will not happen to me because after my first fill i might have something get "stuck" but never had anything come back up, but after my second fill man oh man i have had my fair share and i think each time " i won't do that again" and of course it happens. :rolleyes:

Just becareful in the mornings.... ;)

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Thanks you two.

Interesting, my band has felt tight (like it was post surgery) today, so I put myself back on liquids (yogurt, soup).

Is that what you do?


Whenever I PB, if I eat again I find I do it all day so I usually just stay on creamy soup and liquids.

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It's not as bad as morning sickness! Or the flu. Or food poisoning. Or a hangover.

It would have been gross somewhere else, but at home it was manageable. It feels a little swollen internally, a warning (kind of) to take it easy.

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