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They cancelled my appt!

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I had an appt with my regular fill Dr. on Friday and his nurse called me today and told me it had only been 3 weeks since I had a fill and she would have to cancel the appt. She would die if she knew I went to New Orleans for a fill last week! LOL

I was actually gonna call and cancel it anyway since I don't need it, but it still aggravates me that she cancelled it. She said they would be preparing for the Hurricane Friday anyway and may cancel all appts.

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HOW did we get to the place where we feel we're obligated to please people with whom we make an appointment and pay for their services?

"You'll get your .2 ccs and like it"

"You went to ANOTHER Dr????"

"You haven't waited long enough, we're cancelling your appointment????"

You're a saint.

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