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I was reading through some posts trying to learn more about the lap band and saw that some can still binge eat.

With the band is that like it is with out - I am nervous that the band wont make a difference for me.

I will spend all my money and still be eating out of boredom and stress. I dont even know what hunger is because I eat all the time!

With the band is it still possible to just eat all the time?

What is life like after? The videos of Dr. Ortiz says I should eat 1/3 of normal days intake.

If you are restricted correctly does this allow for binge eating.

What about exercise and healty eating. Do you just eat less and lose weight or do you still eat like a rabbit?

Any insight is helpfull. I am trying to convince my husband this will work for me. I want to bring "sexy back"

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It's a tool, not a miracle ;-)

If you want to, you can eat around it. You can cheat with a band, but not as easily as you can without one. Ice cream, for example goes right thru. Apple pie would not.

The point of the band is that once you get to restriction, you can eat a "normal" meal...but normal is now about 6 ounces. The meal stays put and you're not actually hungry again for several hours.

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Oh, sorry, you can binge, certainly, on foods that won't stay in the band. I don't buy Haagen Daaz for that reason ;-)

But a binge "after" certainly doesn't resemble a "before" binge. You can't eat the big burrito. You can't eat a whole plate of anything. It won't fit.

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I can't binge eat anymore - even with ice cream, but I know some can. (The coldness tightens my band and I can't even fit that much in there anymore) I'd have to eat it slow all day long to really do any damage.

But Phoenix right on, many can and do - you can eat small amounts all day long but to tell the truth - it would be a lot of work to do that and I personally don’t have the time.

I think the most important part to me is my hunger level has dropped, my stomach is really small now and I’ve learned to control my emotional eating since I really can’t do it anyhow.

Also, once you start losing, you find things to do – you do get out and start exercising since you can finally see a real difference – its really brought the sexy back for me – and once you see it coming you start working at it! I eat smaller, not like a rabbit - I'm too into protein - I might eat a small part of a rabbit.. (just kidding)

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No binging for me that is for sure. I did have an frozen yogurt today (small) and could barely make it through. Things like that still surprise me. Usually about 3/4 of a cup of food makes me feel like I had a thanksgiving dinner and I don't want anything to eat for quite a while. Plus I can never eat and drink together or I loose both and I have realized that I would rather drink than eat. I hate being thirsty so I just say to myself are you really hungry because if you graze you won't get to drink for half an hour. I do have to say it took 3 fills to get me to this point. I have 3.2 cc in my 4cc band and before this fill I could pretty much still eat what I wanted although it did limit the binging, just didn't stop it.

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It is so interesting how everyone is so different. In a nutshell what I have learned is that the fill level is very important to weight loss. Too much and it causes the PB ing(is this correct) and maybe pain but at a good restricted level then you feel full and eat very small portions at a time.

Although liquids go down easier, it is not like before the band where you can eat a carton of ice cream or yogurt. If you can you need more restriction???

How long beofre fills if you are not losing weight?

What about the pre op diet, it seems like most lose a lot of weight during this period? How long is it? What does it consist of?

I think my husband is on board with Dr. Ortiz, but since we have been to TJ before he just can not believe that there could be a upscale medical facility there!

I am still trying to convince him

How long do most have to wait before they can have surgery?

Thank you for all your help :P

Also has anyone ever heard or been to Dr. Jeff Allen in Louisville, KY

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I was surprised at how nice everything was and at how much time they took with me. It was a great experience. I am so glad I went there. I did look at discount doctors in the states but they just did not have his experience. I felt like I made the best deicision for me.

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