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Why is my port site hurting?????

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OK, I've been fine up until last night and it is not going away. My port site feels like it is sticking out. I also feel like I have a bit of gas. I had my surgery almost 5 weeks ago, and never had this feeling except for once. I kinda thought I was in the clear, but now this dog hurts! I can barely get out of my car, sit up from a chair, etc. Anytime I make my stomach muscles work I wanna cringe! Is this a hernia? I took some tylenol and it didn't help a bit. Any ideas?

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You probably pulled a stitch. You're not doing any heavy lifting or using your abdominal muscles at all are you? Go easy on it for a day or two. If it doesn't get better or you start showing fever or other signs of infection then it's time to call the clinic.

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