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Am I handling this correctly?

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Hi All,

I will be 4 weeks post-op on Friday. I still have a little restriction from the surgery and think I have kept the calories around 1200. I have not started a food log yet..... :o

So 22 day post op, when eating Wendy's chili I had a sensation of choking. It really, really hurt. So I drank water til it went away.

Sometimes my medications give me this same pain, so I drink lot water to get it down. I was told that I do not want these meds to sit anywhere except in the bottom of my belly.......

Monday, I had a chicken sandwich from Wendy's. I took a bite and thought, I need a drink, feeling kind of dry. Then took another bite and thought I was gonna die or choke to death. I drank tons of water til the sensation passed. I hate that feeling of choking. I panicked.

Then last night, I was eating tiny piece of raisin toast. I was almost done and then came the pain out of nowhere. No warning. It was much much worse than the other times. I was up jumping around like a crazy person. It really scares me. I feel like I am going to choke. So drank water til it went away.

Is this restriction?

Am I doing something wrong?

Should I drink water when this happens? I really don't think I can just sit around and wait it out. I can't talk at all when this happens.



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You are more than likely not gonna be able to tolerate bread. I can eat a piece of dry toast if I am having a good day..but sandwich bread or anything like it will absoluetly kill me. Alot of people say a drink of something will help it either pass or come back up. It usually just starts coming up for me. I can't breathe or talk and my eyes water.

Try to not eat bread at all. If you feel you have to, get a chicken sandwich or something similar and at least take the top piece of bread off. That works for me sometimes.

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