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Starting creamy soups and one more question...

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If I have read the literature correctly, I should be able to start creamy soups on the seventh day correct? That would be the minimum day. Also, are the incisions supposed to feel pretty hot? Just curious, I don't feel like I have an infection (and it doesn't look like it) but I just wanted to make sure. TIA!!

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Hi! Creamy soups start on day seven, you are correct. When were you banded? Are your incisions red or swollen? Do you have a fever? If they are hot I would suspect an infection. You probably should call the OCC> Good luck!

i was banded on the 22nd (last fri) my incisions aren't red, swollen, itchy, oozing or anything else and i don't have a fever or anything, but they are still warm so tomorrow i think i will call just to make sure. thanks for your help!

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