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food that go through your band

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When i went to get my third fill, which is as tight as it can get, i talked to the doc about the different foods that will go trhough your band. SO i was wondering if we can do some kind of list of foods that will not fill you up since they cheat the band.

1. Chips

2. food with sauces

3. snack cakes

4. ice cream

5. candy

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Cheese actually fills me up and I do eat it quite a bit (for protein).

I am guilty of resorting to soft foods when things seem to get stuck. My problem "was" root beer floats. I know, I know - two big no, no's. But I've given them up!


Any high calorie liquids

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I have heard that cookies turn to mush in your mouth and go right through the band. Just got banded and still on liquids, so I haven't tested this, but I did hear it somewhere that cookies were bad because you can eat and eat and eat them.

True =(

I don't buy them or risk a cookie pig-out

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