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Really Dumb Question

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I am new to the board and have enjoyed myself so far but I have a bit of a silly question.... I see a lot of mention of plane tickets and, "flying out" for fills and surgery. Where are people getting their surgery done? I had mine done by a Surgeon that is recommended and a trainer right her 15 minutes from my front door. I just wondered where everyone was going to and if I was/had missed something.

Thanks for letting me ask a stupid (if obvious) question. :mellow:

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Hi Mrs. Smoother,

Most of the people on this forum were banded at the OCC in Tijuana Mexico, they host this website.

I was banded in Canada and there are a handful of people banded in various states throughout the U.S.

So when they mention flying out for fills, they are most likely going back to Tijuana to the OCC for them with their surgeon there.

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