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After 3rd fill, unable to eat 1200 calories

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Okay, so now that the scale are finally moving, i am afraid of plateuing again if i am unable to eat 1200 calories. i tried to eat more but i really couldnt. What have you guys done when your fill is so tight that you can only eat a small amount. I told the doctor that i was visiting with TOM and therefore to make me as tight as possible. Well, he did, and i can only eat very little.

Any help, suggestions will be great.

Thanks everyone.

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Hi there! I know exactly what you mean. I had my second fill on Wednesday last week and could barely get anything in. I almost fainted on Thursday morning because I needed something, sugar, vitamins??

It's a bit better now, but I eat lots of protein and veggies..not much else. It was suggested to me to drink Gatorade or a Powerade drink to help get some calories and electrolytes in.

Do your best!!

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I did the exact same thing. I had a real tuff time for about 2 weeks. I am glad I did not get an unfill though. It does go away. I just ate a bite here and there all day long. NO BREAD!!! I found veggies worked and protien shakes for breakfast. I would eat a few bites of fish. It really held be back. I still have restriction but I can eat a little more now. I did lose some pounds during that time though. Take it slow. For some reason I thought fries would work because they are soft, NOT, everytime I ate one I would slime. I do not eat them anymore. Not worth it.

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