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Two Weeks Left to Banding!!!

Guest CaraMBA09

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Guest CaraMBA09

I am soo, soo excited.

Dr Miranda said it is not imperative to do a pre-op diet...but from all the naughty behavior of eating whatever I damn well please lately (like a last goodbye...) I am going to begin eating protein shakes and Lean Cuisines to get my body acclimated to this major change.

Any other helpful tips?

I fly down to TJ with my aunt on 9/14 and surgery is 9/15....come home 9/17

Everyone on this forum has been a huge help and support in finalizing this decision 6 weeks ago. I want to say thank you!

After months of debating, contemplating, research, etc...I have come to the conclusion this is the best thing I can be doing for myself and really, REALLY look forward to the next year of changes that will occur.



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