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Is this normal???

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Okay, how many of you stepped on the scale 3 or 4 days after your surgery and it was up a few pounds. I weighed 279 2 days before leaving for the OCC. When I got there Dr. Miranda's scale said 271 NOT ACCURATE, I am sure. I didn't lose 8 pounds in 2 days. But now I am home and I weighed 282 this morning. Up 3 pounds from when I left. I know I am suppose to be focusing on the healing right now, but I just wanted to know how common this was. How many of you had this happen. Just so I know if I am normal. I am certainly not eating anything, and for the first 3 days, struggle to get down liquids even, due to the burning stomach I was feeling right after surgery. Anyway, I am not freaking out or concerned as I really don't care what my weight is right now. I just want to heal and feel better. I just was wondering if anyone else experienced this so I know where I stand.

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Hi Jessica, I gained 7 lbs after surgery and eventually it drops off, it's bloating and water retention from surgery.

Follow the post op diet and before you know it, you're scale will give a big surprise!!

Get well soon!!

Yeah, I am looking forward to the big surprise. Glad I am normal

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I also gained weight by the time I got home. It will be gone and then some by next week. ;)

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