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elevated hear rate

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I was wondering if anyone's heart rate when they work out is elevated, and if this has change since your surgery. As we all know a good workout means that your heart rate needs to be between 135-160 for 30 minutes to help with weight lost. However, since i had the surgery, my heart rate has been at high as 198. i work hard 5-6 times a week, sometimes racquetball and sometimes machines, however i dont see how the band could have cause this. Yet i didnt have this problems prior to the surgery.


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Did you exercise before surgery, like you are now?

If not, keep in my mind that we are still overweight and over-exertion can cause your blood pressure/heart rate to increase. Do you get palpitations at all?

Exercise gradually and your body will get used to the pace slowly.

If it continues I would talk to your family doctor.

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