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Productive Burbing

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My food does not get stuck and I am able to eat 2-4 cups of food before I feel full enough and still be comfortable. I find that after about 10-15 minutes after eating I let out a HUGE, LONG, LOUD burb that sounds like a pluged drain gurgerling down the blocked up sink.

My question is: Am I doing something wrong? Is this okay or am I stretching out my pouch? The burb feels so good. And I feel so good after I do it. As long as no one is around. My husband finds it to be something to laugh at and a great amusment to him seeing that before the band I almost never farted or burbed around him. Welcome to the real world.

My weight loss is very slow. I was stuck in the low 180's for over a month. When I broke that platue I got stuck in the one I am at now, I have been staying at 173-175 for the last three weeks. I eat 1200 cal and keep track on fitday.com also do an hour on the tread mill at least 5 days a week. Tomorrow I start belly dance classes.

The doctors that I have been going to for fills for belives that I should have 5-6 fills over 6 months to reach my sweet spot. Grrr

I have had three fills and I am at 1.7cc in my 4cc band.

I am going to CT in one month and wanted to show off (I'm bad) my new body and would like a bigger fill, how do I get the PA to kick it up more for me?

Okay there are more than one question here. But any help is appreciated.

Thanks , Barbara

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Hi Barbara,

You are able to eat 2-4 cups of food? The ideal is 3/4 cup of food per sitting.

Gas is normal, I build up alot of gas while I eat too. Productive Burp however, is when you slime to remove a blockage of food that is stuck from either not chewing well or eating too fast or too much.

Your calorie intake and exercise is great, if you can eat 2-4 cups of food per sitting though, you need a fill.

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More fill won't keep you from stretching out your pouch. Good eating habits and not eating yourself sick will.

Also, there's nothing wrong with letting out a good belch. You swallow air when you eat or drink that before surgery would just move through your system. Now with the band it can't do that anymore and comes out the other direction. Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.

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