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Solid Foods Start Today!!! Finally!!!

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I thought September 8th would never get here...Praise God. Three weeks on liquids was pure hell. The good new is I have lost 14 pounds since surgery and I actually feel good. I can actually slip my jeans down without unbuttoning them. I figure this will be a great party trick!! haha ;)

Couple of questions...What foods should I start with? I'm kinda scared about the burp thing! Also, I have read alot on this forum about restriction and I wonder....why does restriction come and go??

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Hey Francie,

Last night I had a homemade chicken salad, (cucumbers, tomatoes bell peppers out of my garden) and white wine. It was great. Normally I would have eaten about 4 times more than I did. I did not feel full, however satisfied. What did you have for breakfast? How is Sheri doing? Is she reading the forum?

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Hi Saylor! I'm doing great. This morning for breakfast I had cheese grits. Yummy. I had about one cup and I am still full. I am finding that I get full very fast and its lasting a long time. I think the hardest part is the "no drinking while you eat" rule. My teeth feel so dirty and as a former dental hygenist that is really getting on my nerves. Sheri is doing great. I told her about this forum but I don't know if she gets on it or not. We have scheduled a fill in Dallas on September 29th. Sheri has lost eight pounds and she thinks her band isn't "working" but she just needs to get a new attitude. haha Keep me posted on your progress!

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My first meal was a small wendys chili. I was so full afterwards. And it was awesome. Then I worked my way up to grouper at PappaDeaux. It was awesome too and I no problems with it either.

I gag on too much bread. Don't try that anytime soon. It was very painful. Until just recently, lots of stuff kind of hurt going down. I think it could also be because of the hiatal hernia repair.

I have not had a fill yet, but my intake is some much smaller than before.

I have a really hard time with chicken and beef except hamburger meat.

I eat fish all the time. I am getting into a grove with it.

Strange though, tuna fish salad give me a stuck feeling. It could be because I can not chew it very well.

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